Miss Mow It All. Inc.

Beautifying Lawns And Landscapes All Around Scenic Lexington, Kentucky.

Services Offered

We don’t just mow grass, we know grass. Your lawn is what gets most of your yard's attention. If you want a real attention-getting lawn, we offer a full range of services. Unlike other companies we don’t do telemarketing to try and sell you things you don’t need.  We work with you to help you select the services which will benefit your lawn the most. We not only provide professional lawn services but we are a “one stop shop” for all your lawn and landscape needs. 

We offer a 'One Stop Shop' for all your lawn and needs.  Our landscape services are performed by trained and experienced employees.  We train our landscapers all season so we are always up to date on the best practices of landscape maintenance and installation.

Lawn Services

  • Weekly Mowing Service
    We use the BEST hydraulic walk-behind mowers which eliminate turning and weight damage. With 35 years of experience and employee training, we understand the mowing practices that best suit your lawn. We understand the importance of proper mowing height, sharp blades and the benefit of clippings. Services can be scheduled on a weekly or biweekly schedule. We mow our clients on the same day of each week so our clients know when we are coming.  Standard mowing includes: mowing, trimming, edging and blowing the clippings

  • Fertilizing and Weed Control
    Nothing gives you more curb appeal than fertilizing and Weed control. Our program offers 6 treatments per season to fertilize the lawn and control broadleaf weeds. Because we use slow release fertilizers in our treatments, you can look forward to a greener weed free lawn all season long. We also offer lime, grub and wild violet treatments as well.

  • Lawn Renovation
    Are you tired of your old lawn and looking for a new one? Renovating the lawn may be necessary if you have a tremendous amount of weeds or undesirable types of grasses in the lawn. Renovation starts with spraying the lawn to kill all the existing weeds and grass in the lawn, essentially wiping the slate clean. After killing the lawn it is power seeded. The ideal time to start the renovation process is in August. We use the best seed available. The seed we use has the top 3 performers of fescue grass which has been tested to withstand the condition of our weather here in the bluegrass.

  • Power-Seeding
    Sometimes in the summer or early fall you may notice brown patches or dead areas in the lawn. When you have large dead patches it is best to power seed. Power seeding evenly slices and distributes seed so the grass comes up in a very uniform way. We use the best seed available. The seed we use has the top 3 performers of fescue grass which has been tested to withstand the condition of our weather here in the bluegrass.

  • Core Aeration
    Second to fertilizing, lawn core aeration is the best lawn treatment procedure you can undertake. Lawn aeration reduces thatch and creates a direct path for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to get down to the roots of the grass. The result is a greener, healthier lawn. When aerating the lawn it’s a good time to over-seed to help thicken the lawn.

  • Leaf Removal
    It is important to keep the leaves off the lawn in the fall and over the winter to keep from creating dead spots in the lawn and disease. We feel that removing the leaves verses mulching them is the best solution. Mulching a few leaves is good for the soil but too many and you have a problem. We have highly efficient equipment to remove leaves from the lawn and the landscape. So you are left with leaf free property.

Annual Budget Plan

The “Annual budget plan” will allow you to budget your cost by paying for our services over a period of 12 months rather than having those higher bills during the growing months. As an added bonus you will be buying our services at today’s prices verses next years prices if you sign up before December 19th.

How It Works:

• We will figure the total cost for all mowing services, mulching, shrub trimming, turf treatments, weeding, gutter cleaning or whatever services you choose to budget. Remember you must be using more than one of our scheduled services.
• We total the costs of all services and then divide by 12 months.
• You begin paying this monthly payment in January.
• All services are scheduled in advance but you can still make changes to those services. An example would be if you wanted to skip mowing for a week because it was too dry.
• If you don’t use all the services you paid for in your “budget plan”, you will be credited toward the next year’s services.
• Any additional services which you may request during the season, not included in the annual agreement, will be billed at the end of the month when services are rendered.
• Feel confident that you can cancel services at anytime on the “budget plan”.
• If a “budget plan” agreement is terminated, the customer is responsible for the payment of services rendered up to the point of termination. If any money is owed to the customer by our company the customer will be reimbursed within 30 days of the termination of the agreement.
• No additional fees or interest will be applied unless you happen to be late with your payments in which case, late payment fees do apply.