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Emerald Ash Borer Found in Lexington

Homeowners need to be concerned.

Perhaps you have heard about the Emerald Ash Borer. Because there are so many Ash trees in Lexington, local government, landscapers and arborist are trying to work swiftly to combat this aggressive insect from Asia that is certain to infect and kill our Ash trees if not treated.

We have trained and attended seminars so we are knowledgeable about this insect and the treatment for it. We are prepared to save your Ash trees from this almost certain death.

We have begun trunk injection treatments for those who want to save their trees. We treat them with a product called “Tree Age” which has been tested in areas in the Northeast where they have been battling this insect long before us.

Researchers have determined: “Tree Age” is the only product that is 99% effective in the control and prevention of this insect for at least 2 years with just one injection. There are some university studies that indicate that you may get protection for even a longer period with this product, maybe even 3 years.

Injecting the product directly into the tree with our specialized equipment poses the least amount of environmental hazard because the chemical is taken up directly into the tree and is not put in the soil where it can contaminate ground water.

The Herald Leader on July 9, 2009 reported, “An estimated one in every 10 street trees in Lexington is an ash. Kentucky has an estimated 131 million white ashes, 92 million green ashes, and an unknown number of blue ashes”.

The Chances of you having an ash tree in your yard are pretty good, so if you don’t know if you have Ash trees, we will gladly help you identify those trees.

PLEASE! Don’t let your trees become victim to this insect; it’s much more expensive to have to remove dead trees than it is to treat before damage occurs. This is a monumental problem, so PLEASE do not ignore it. If we lose more than 200 million Ash trees in Kentucky imagine the impact on our environment and our local economy when these trees have to be cut down.

Please call today to schedule a treatment BEFORE your trees are infected. It is important that you call NOW!

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