Miss Mow It All. Inc.

Beautifying Lawns And Landscapes All Around Scenic Lexington, Kentucky.

Miss Mow It All: Barbara Hilpp

Barbara Hilpp is the owner/president of Miss Mow It All, Inc. 

Originally from Lebanon, Kentucky Barbara Hilpp came to Lexington in 1983 to attend the University of Kentucky.  While attending UK, Barbara fell in love with “the big city" and decided to make it her home after college.  “I had always dreamed of owning my own business and all I ever really wanted to do was fix things, be creative and work with my hands; that much I've always known."  Barbara had a number of jobs in her 20's, working in the membership department at Pace Membership Warehouse, Managing Danville Athletic Club and restoring old houses.  But one thing that always kept her interest was working outdoors.  "I’ve always loved working outside and being in the fresh air all day. The hard work makes you sleep really well at night.”  Barbara realized her talent for landscaping in the 90's while flipping houses.  “When trying to sell a house, you have to create some curb appeal to get people to want to look at what's inside.  The buyers and real estate agents always raved about the landscaping work I did, and many times it was one of the reasons people bought the house”.   So on every house Barbara  flipped, landscaping was a major part of the renovation.

Read how Miss Mow It All, Inc. got its start in an article written by Jim Jordan in the Business Monday section of the Lexington Herald Leader on May 15. 2006.
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Something from the heart:

I believe God created us all equal. I believe whatever race, gender, and sexual orientation you are or even regardless of how smart you are, we all, or most of us posses the same opportunities in life, though some of us just have to work harder sometimes to achieve our goals.  I have a quote from a teacher of mine in the 6th grade at Villa Madonna Academy, Sister Marilyn, (yes, I went to Catholic School) that I will never forget.  "Where there is a will, there is a way.” You know, when I was in the 6th grade I really didn't like hearing that because she usually said that as a response to me not having my homework done.  As a child when you get that kind of response from your teacher, what are you going to say?  As I became an adult, it became the most valuable thing anyone ever said to me.

I have used this phase over the years to help motivate me to do a lot of things, like, run the extra mile, keep working when I wanted to stop, study and pass test while in school and now succeed in business.  Don't ever let anyone shadow your dreams, you can be anything you want to be in life, "where there is a will, there is a way", don’t ever forget it and don’t ever take your eye off the ball.  This also puts me in mind of quote from another great woman, Libby Ann Walthall of Ashland, KY, who passed away in 1986 ( a good friend’s mother).  She always said “ If you are going to be a peanut roaster, be the best peanut roaster you can be.”  There are many things in life that motivate us to succeed; these are just a couple of things that have motivated me in my life.  Sister Marilyn and Libby Ann Walthall, thank you for being my motivation and my conscience. Your few words have helped shape me into what I am today.